Best Chemistry Teacher in Patna -Dr. Madhuresh Sir

He received the doctorate in Medicinal Chemistry from Pune Vidyapeeth. He has 10 years teaching experience. He is highly motivated for teaching guiding and mentoring students. His goal is to provide knowledge and guidance by creating education friendly environment.

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He does not only Guide student’s to the path of success. But also inspire them to recognize and explore their own potential. He is committed to meet the expectation of students as well as parents. Dr. Madhuresh Sir’s Objective is “Don’t wait for Success, work for success”.

About Chemistry

You might only associate chemistry with laboratory experiments, food additives, or dangerous materials, but chemistry affects everything in our environment.

What is Chemistry?

The study of elements and compounds’ properties, compositions, and structures, as well as how they can change and the energy that is released or absorbed during such changes, is the subject matter of the science known as chemistry.

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“Chemicals (matter) are used in everything you hear, see, smell, taste, and touch,”

Therefore, even if you do not work as a chemist, you are involved in chemistry or something related in almost everything you do.

Chemistry is used in everyday activities including cooking, using cleaning products to clean your counter, taking medications, and diluting concentrated juice to make it taste less strong.

What are the Main Branches of Chemistry?

Physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry are the five main various branches of chemistry.

Physical Chemistry

best chemistry teacher in patna
Best chemistry teacher in patna

Physical chemistry is the study of macroscopic, atomic, and phenomenonal characteristics of chemical systems. A physical chemist might research the speeds of chemical processes, the energy transfers that take place in reactions, or the molecular-level physical properties of materials.

Organic Chemistry

best chemistry teacher in patna
Best chemistry teacher in patna

Organic chemistry is the study of substances that combine carbon and hydrogen. One of the most prevalent elements on Earth, carbon may be used to create an enormous variety of different compounds (over twenty million so far). All living things contain a majority of carbon-based compounds.

Inorganic Chemistry

best chemistry teacher in patna
Best chemistry teacher in patna

The study of substances that, in most cases, do not contain carbon is known as inorganic chemistry. Rocks and minerals frequently include inorganic compounds. The creation and characteristics of materials used in energy and information technologies constitute one key topic of inorganic chemistry at the moment.

Analytical Chemistry

best chemistry teacher in patna
Best chemistry teacher in patna

The analysis of chemical composition is known as analytical chemistry. In samples of matter, it focuses on separating, identifying, and quantifying compounds. An analytical chemist may utilise sophisticated equipment to investigate an unknown substance in attempt to identify its constituent parts.


best chemistry teacher in patna
Best chemistry teacher in patna

The study of chemical reactions that take place within living things is known as biochemistry. Basic cellular functions all the way up to comprehending disease states may be the subject of research in order to improve therapeutic options.

Why Dr. Madhuresh Chemistry Classes?

Dr. Madhuresh Sir is regarded as the best chemistry teacher in Patna since he not only imparts the best concepts from the curriculum but also gives you the assurance that you can solve any issues from the 11th, 12th, IIT, and medical examinations.

best chemistry teacher in patna

In the coaching industry, Dr. Madhuresh Chemistry Classes is recognised as a representation of dependability and tenacious individuals.

The most recent technologies are used to teach students and guarantee that they provide their best effort in every situation. For IIT JEE (Advanced), NEET, and boards for class 11 and 12, best chemistry coaching in patna is offered.

best chemistry teacher in patna

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